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Character in our schools

Our academies are aligned by a commitment to: prioritising academic excellence, high expectations and the development of character; being inclusive; developing the highest quality of teaching and learning; providing valuable progression routes that will give young people choices in adult life and allow them to be well qualified to achieve success and well-being.

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Since becoming an academy in 2013, Wrotham School has become a high performing, truly comprehensive school that is focused on achieving academic excellence, high quality experiences and character development. We believe that this provides the best starting point for all of our students to be happy, successful and confident in their future lives.

Since then, GCSE results that consistently placed Wrotham School as one of the top performing comprehensive schools in Kent, in June 2019 Ofsted judged the ‘Effectiveness of Leadership and Management’ and the ‘Personal Development and Welfare of Students’ to be Outstanding, with an overall effectiveness judgement of Good.

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Wrotham School Vision

Our vision is to create an outstanding school where all students, regardless of ability or background, make exceptional progress, gain meaningful qualifications and therefore have access to valuable progression routes that will enable them to be well qualified to achieve success and well-being through having choices in their adult life.

Aylesford School
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In April 2016 the Local Authority judged the school to be inadequate in all areas. In September 2016 our Trust took over the leadership of the school. Since then the quality of provision has significantly improved. This was recognised by Ofsted who judged the school to be Good in all areas in March 2020. We are really proud of the significant improvements at Aylesford School.

The school is oversubscribed for September 2020, is now in a strong financial position, and is one of only five schools in the country to be awarded the Character Education Quality Mark Mark.

Aylesford School

Aylesford School Vision

Our vision is to provide quality academic and ‘Character Education’ which develops confident young people who are successful learners and contribute to society. Aylesford School is in the process of conversion to academy status and being sponsored by the Trust. An Academy Order has been issued to that effect. The school is already collaborating strongly with the Trust, and in many ways operating as if it was officially part of the Trust.