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Financial efficiencies and shared resources in a multi academy trust

Working as a group of schools helps us with financial efficiencies and shared resources that saves money that can then be spent on the students. We have built up strong expertise in managing contracts, capital building projects and complex HR issues. This means school leaders and governors get the support they need and can spend more time focusing on the quality of education and pastoral care

Expertise in HR and payroll

Many schools have to buy expensive HR and payroll services from the local authority. We can provide these at a cheaper cost, and work more closely with you as we will only ever be a small Trust of schools.

Shared resources & support within a group of schools

Effective collaboration and support within a group of schools benefits everyone. As local authorities reduce their services we must look elsewhere. Sharing resources and support with a group of schools means we can determine exactly what it looks like.

Significant experience in financial leadership and management

Managing finance and writing successful bids for capital investment takes time. By working together we can share the cost of this work and take much of the administrative work off your hands, allowing schools to maintain their focus on teaching and learning.

Supporting school improvement from RI to good and beyond

Being in a Trust must lead to school improvement. We have great experience of supporting a school in its journey from RI to good. The development of leadership skills and impact across the school was central to this journey. We believe we can help with this in all types of schools.
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Securing financial
sustainability for small schools

In 2021 local authorities will no longer be able to make local adjustments to the national funding formula. This means additional funds currently given to small primary schools by the LA will cease. Working with a group of schools means we can work together to provide cost effective services such as HR, payroll and finance administration.

Student enrichment at Character Education Trust

Year 7 students at our schools enjoying a camping and survival skills evening as part of their induction

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a popular activity at Bronze, Silver and Gold at Trust schools