The Character Education Trust

The Character Education Trust is a multi-academy trust (MAT) that exists to provide outstanding education in both primary and secondary schools in Kent. The development of good character is central to the ethos and values of our Trust – please click here for further information about character education.

Our Values and Vision

The trust has four key values; Confidence, Integrity, Kindness & Positivity – they underpin everything we do.

Our vision is to support and encourage the students within our Trust to develop good character; to be confident and kind; to have integrity; to respect difference and to make a positive contribution to the community around them.


Your character is who you are. It is what makes you…you. It is what you believe in and how you act with others. It is your values and virtues.
Character Education provides opportunities to develop the confidence:

  • to know and be yourself;
  • to pursue success in what you enjoy;
  • to have conviction for what you believe in;
  • to choose your path.

Character matters. Character education builds integrity, responsibility and kindness. It gives us a vocabulary and focus that everyone in our community can understand and value.


Good character is taught through the curriculum.

It is caught through engaging in opportunities and activities such as drama, music, sport, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, school trips and clubs. Good character is caught from strong role models on our staff, and from the ethos and culture of our schools.

It is sought by students who value being recognised and rewarded for showing good character; through trying new activities and contributing to the school community and beyond.

Why develop a trust with
primary and secondary schools?

We understand and respect that there are key differences in the way that primary and secondary schools teach their students. However, we also recognise that all schools, regardless of phase, have the potential to focus on the development of the whole child and to sit at the heart of the local community.

We are excited by the opportunities that exist from having students from Year R to Year 13 learning in a family of schools. We know the importance of developing positive relationships with families to benefit all children, and are passionate about the potential of developing these relationships over a child’s whole education.

We know that one area of important work at the primary phase is preparing students for life in secondary schools. Having primary and secondary schools in the trust together will only add value to this work. Furthermore, the benefits to students of having teachers from both phases able to work together are significant.

Mr Matthew Wright
Executive Headteacher
and Trust Leader

Trust Leadership

Sheila Smith

Chair of the Trustees

Matthew Wright

Executive Headteacher and Trust Leader

Nigel Newman

Finance Director

Ben Sanchez

HR Manager

Mike Cater

Headteacher Wrotham School

Tanya Kelvie

Headteacher Aylesford School