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Why join the Character Education Trust?

Joining the Character Education Trust will bring strength and support to leadership teams and schools.

Support & aligned ethos

Support for the Headteacher – from the other Heads, and the Executive Head, in a culture of collaborative leadership. This can be a lonely job – being part of a team of HTs that meets bi weekly, makes a huge difference.

Joining a Trust with a clear set of values and an inclusive ethos. We place high value on the wellbeing of leaders, staff and students.

A Trust that places equal value on all phases of education and recognises that there is so much we can all learn from working together.

A Trust that has the capacity and experience to do the academy conversion administration work for you. Therefore, this will not distract you from your focus on leading the quality of education in your school.

Financial strength

Joining a Trust that is in a very strong financial position and one without a large executive layer of leadership that drains money out of schools.

Becoming an academy means your financial year shifts to match the academic year. This makes financial planning more effective.

Being part of our Trust will mean that you have the opportunity to take advantage of ‘group savings’ when negotiating contracts. We have seen significant savings generated with just two schools. With three + schools we will have even more potential for this.

No huge financial top slice as we do not have a large executive layer of staff. Schools’ contributions will be negotiated with each new school. We anticipate that early joiners will plan a significant role in shaping the working practices of the Trust.

Character Development

Our Trust has been at the forefront of character development in education. Wrotham and Aylesford School have achieved ‘Schools of Character’ kite marks and we act as the lead for the South East Hub of the Association of Character Education, hosting regular visits from other schools, delivering training at national events, and helping to assess other schools for character kite marks.

Leadership Development

The best leaders create more leaders. We are proud that out leadership development programs have helped staff secure promotions within our Trust and in other schools. Both our HTs were previously Deputy HTs in our schools before becoming HTs. We want our leaders to collaborate with each other so that they can work with a diverse group that will support and challenge them to make decisions that align with our vision and are in our students’ best interests.

Safeguarding and wellbeing

Post Covid, this presents all school with one of the greatest challenges. Teams in our Trust work together to share the load and demands of safeguarding challenges. We have a Trust team of Psychotherapists and counsellors who work with students and staff across our schools.

Our attendance teams work closely together to share what works best in maintaining good levels of attendance.

Students and staff

Students benefit from teaching and support from talented staff who stay within the Trust due to the increased opportunities of working in a group of schools. This builds a staff body abundant with professional capital, a shared vision and collective will to see all students succeed. A Trust that values and commits to maintaining National Teacher’s Pay and Conditions.

Teachers who are able to benefit from Trust wide CPD that shares expertise from a range of schools, in both primary and secondary, and a culture of ongoing support and collaboration between schools.

Local Governing Body

Support for the Local Governing Body as you join a family of schools with lots of governors and trustees.

A Trust that values Local Governing Bodies (rather than some Trusts that change these to Academy Boards with no delegated powers).

A Character Education

We support character education development throughout our schools and our experienced school leaders can help you explore how character education can have a positive impact in your schools.

We are proud that Wrotham School has been awarded the Character Education Quality Mark and Aylesford School was one of first schools in the country to achieve the Character Education Quality Mark Plus.

ACE School of Character Quality Mark Plus