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Developing Character in your School

Developing Character Education is already integral to the work of great schools. In these schools there is no conflict between high expectations and a rigorous academic education on the one hand and outstanding personal development on the other. Moreover, these aspects contribute to developing confident, well rounded young adults ready to make a positive contribution to the world.

Character Education helps young people make a difference

The Delloite Millennials Study 2020 reports that Gen Z feel that leaders across the world are failing to make a positive impact in the world and its communities, and that multi-national companies are failing in their responsibility to help solve the world’s largest challenges including climate change and inequality. Young people want to make a difference, but don’t always know how. Character Education gives young people the tools to make a difference, to take action, and to do what is right.

In our schools we have seen that developing Character Education provides a powerful framework and language to help young people develop an understanding and appreciation of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural world around them, as well enrich school culture with kindness, generosity and compassion.

Character Education can be taught and caught in schools, and there is no ‘one-way approach’ in how its principles can be used to enhance your school. In our Trust we have the experience and expertise to help you find the right path in your school.

Developing character education

Good character is the foundation for thriving societies and individuals. In a world where technology means young people have to make split second decisions, and have so much information at their finger tips, we have a responsibility to help develop their character.
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Supporting your schools’ character and individuality

A school’s character and ethos is a the result of leadership, community and shared experiences, often grown over a long period of time. We believe this should be valued and appreciated. It is often what makes a good school a good school. We will not seek to change a school’s character and individuality.
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Improved outcomes through effective collaboration

Trusts must only exist if they add value to the students and staff in those schools. We believe that effective collaboration and professional development can make a real and significant difference to all schools involved. That has been our experience to date.
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Supporting school improvement from RI to good and beyond

Being in a Trust must lead to school improvement. We have great experience of supporting a school in its journey from RI to good. The development of leadership skills and impact across the school was central to this journey. We believe we can help with this in all types of schools.
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Securing financial
sustainability for small schools

As local authorities are no longer providing the support and services they were able to previously, joining a small local Trust gives your leaders and governors access to cost effective services that we provide together such as, HR, payroll, finance, leadership and governance support. Being part of a small Trust means that your staff will be known by the Trust team.

As a primary school in a smaller Trust you will have the opportunity to submit two bids each year for Condition Improvement Funding to support capital improvements to your school sites. We have had fantastic success with this funding, and will provide you with extensive support. This will become increasingly important as Kent County Council are now less able to fund such projects.

Recent grants awarded to Trust schools


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